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Earl Grey Cake With Vanilla Bean Buttercream | Liv for Cake. Here’s a site I use as a guideline: http://www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html Based on that I would double the recipe (change the Servings to 24) for three 9″ pans. But additional frosting was used to decorate the top of the cake. Leave it to cool to room temperature before using. It took me a while to make because I wanted to follow everything exactly, and I’ve never made this type of buttercream before, but it was totally worth it. EARL GREY BUTTERCREAM double recipe if you plan on doubling cake recipe. I made this cake for my cousin’s birthday and it was such a hit! I am beginning to bake more and love a good London Fog so I thought an Earl Grey cake would be fun and found your recipe and blog. Ideally, you’d bake all of the layers at the same time. Ooo a colored white chocolate ganache sounds cool – yes would love the proportions/recipe if you have a good one for that! I guess? These are your wet ingredients. Hi Priscilla! Thanks for your feedback. Not just my immediate family but all of them: aunts, cousins, nieces. This looks great! I think the batter would work well baked in a bundt pan, but these measurements might be too much for a 6 cup bundt pan. Be careful with the strength of it though, if it’s concentrated. Hi Emily! I found another recipe for an earl grey buttercream as well (https://www.abeautifulplate.com/london-fog-cake-earl-grey-buttercream/) – do you think that would go well with the cake? My mother has requested it for her birthday, but since I work full-time I won’t have time to bake it the day-of. Add the almond flour and the earl grey leaves into a blender and blend. Reduce speed and add eggs one at a time fully incorporating after each addition. For the Cake: Cool the layers, double wrap in plastic wrap, freeze for up to 3 mos. Earl Grey Mille Crepe 9 inch - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I’ll definitely make it again. If I double for an 8″, will it be too much? And for sure — you can add some lemon zest and/or a bit of lemon juice to it. In consideration of the size of the plate, we can only put at … This cake was everything I hoped it would be! Thanks so much Koko! Please help! I think that would be totally fine and perfectly delicious. You could skip the simple syrup to cut some of the sweetness out or try a German buttercream instead that has a very subtle sweetness. Once the tea is done, strain it a small saucepan and combine with sugar. I’m making it again for my birthday. I wiped all my utensils and bowl with lemon juice before making the meringue. Not overly sweet, moist, and full of great flavor. Thank you again! It turned out to be a great combination of flavors, and I plan to make this cake again. This was my first cake fully from scratch that I've ever made, and it came out better than I could have hoped! A fat slice paired with a glass of champagne is my idea of heaven. The stuff is delicious, and you can use it as a topping for your pancakes, waffles - whatever you like! You are so good at decorating cakes! The cake kept perfectly fine in the fridge so it was much less hassle than trying to cook everything the day of. My family just loved it into pieces. Thanks! I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. Do you think I can add earl grey oil to enhance the flavor? I always use baking strips no matter the pan size. The tea flavor truly comes out and is a nice change from usual cake flavors. Just wondering but on average how many cupcakes do most of your recipes make?! I *think* AP is the same as plain but I’ve never used it myself. Hello, I am so excited to make this recipe today!! It smelled ah-mazing! I whisked constantly when on the double boiler. I ended up halving the recipe and made cupcakes instead (got 9 out of ½ this recipe; baked for 17 minutes). Thanks for the feedback! Your email address will not be published. I’d had an Earl Grey Cake on my radar for a while now, but it seemed like more of a “Fall” type cake (cozy sweaters, warm tea, etc. But I’ve been wondering, can the cake & buttercream be made a day in advance? Also, I was wondering if Oat milk or any other non dairy milk would work in the earl grey milk part of the recipe! The frosting I found melted very quickly both times, so I added cornstarch to each batch, about 2 tbsp per batch, and the frosting didn’t taste starchy so it worked well! So, naturally, I went to Google to see what to do. Unfortunately, they said they weren’t qualified to assess that and that I’d need to call an electrician, but to leave all the breakers off. To the cake? Would you recommend palm fruit shortening or ghee or lard? . It wasn't Instagram worthy, but who cares - I looked at it as a test run. Milk chocolate and vanilla sponge come together with lavender-infused cream frosting for a super velvety mouthful – and the hidden cocoa bits surprise you with a little crunch. Does it need to be warm for the syrup to soak in? Thank you for sharing, I am so glad that I came across your blog! We used the lovely, left over Earl Grey syrup to make an Earl Grey Almond Praline. hi!! Made it for a baby shower and everyone loved it! The cake recipe as-is will also work for two 8″ cake pans, so not changes needed. Do you think this earl grey cake will pair well with a honey cream cheese frosting? Ooh alright will try that instead. If I can’t grind the earl grey tea (we don’t have a grinder), it there any other alternative or can I leave it out? Or will it taste funny? I’m so glad it was just the fridge and not something super complicated! How would the results change? At least over here I’m not 100% sure on the cream cheese, but I think it would be fine. Otherwise, you can try to chill the remaining batter. I was thinking of using your white cake recipe with a lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting. Would this cake recipe be ok to use for cupcakes instead of a full cake? Thank you so much Olivia!! My first time making layered cake with frosting!! Hi Mai! Hi there! Hello, Hey! Write a review. Hi Kay! Mine came out extremely dry too and I followed the recipe with the exception of the syrup. Hope you had wonderful holidays and I wish you all the best in NY! Thanks for your help! I was so relived it wasn’t something in the walls!! I was looking in the wrong spot. My whole family raved about it! Grease and line with parchment paper three 6 inch (15 cm) round cake tins. https://www.notquitenigella.com/2016/02/23/earl-grey-london-fog-cake I'm probably pretty ridiculous for this, but I got the tea almost at the beginning of the year but waited until today, my birthday, to try it. This cake looks amazing and I want to make it for my sister’s 40th but she isn’t a big fan of buttercream… Many thanks!! Earl Grey Cake - Honey and Earl Grey Syrup - Bergamot Mascarpone Cream - Cream Cheese Frosting 6” CAKE (SERVES 6–10) $55.00 9” CAKE (SERVES 12–16) $75.00 4 would also work though — it would just make more and the buttercream would be a bit whiter . Leave aside. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Alternate adding flour mixture and Earl Grey milk, beginning and ending with flour (3 additions of flour and 2 of milk). I just kept on "testing" it all the time with my spoon. And yes you can make the milk a day ahead and keep it in the fridge. How did you make the ganache? Question: on the buttercream, can I use liquid egg whites instead of fresh egg whites? It says 3 in one but 4 in the other. Earl Grey Tea Cake Haha yesss! Thank you very much for your helpful advice! Tips, techniques, and troubleshooting to help ensure your cakes come out perfect every single time! I don’t think it would be a disaster, just not ideal. I thought it was just on its last legs and that we should probably look at buying one on the weekend. I just made it yesterday as a test for a cake I have to make next week, and everyone loved it. You can keep it on the counter or refrigerate , Hi, I was wondering what depth the pan should be? If you wanted to get a bit fancy, you could do a white chocolate ganache drip and color it lavender, or something like that (the ratios for that are different than a dark choco ganache, so let me know if oyu want to go that route and I’ll give you the proportions). So weird. Milk Chocolate Orange Cookies (Ben's Cookies) Using earl grey buttercream definitely helped intensify the flavor and luckily people didn’t think it was overpowering. I was going to try whole, but I didn’t know if that would be best. You can certainly try to bake it all at once in an 8 inch pan if it's at least 3-4 inch high to have room to rise, because this amount of batter is good for 2 (slightly thinner) 8 inch layers. Hi Annie- Claude! Overly dense cakes can be from overmixing the cake batter once the flour is added — it develops too much gluten. . I don't have sour cream at home, is there anything I could use instead? Hi C.J.! Hi Ana, I'm wondering if I can use an 8 inch cake tin instead of separating them into 3 separate tins. I am using the tulip cupcake holders. Only real butter will work for this frosting, but you can try one of these with butter alternatives: Just tried this recipe and I love it! For one 6″ cake round set the Servings to 4. The moment you realize it's getting thicker, cook for another 2-3 minutes. As long as the grinder makes a powder it should be fine. Hi Natasha! Will the layers be thinner or about the same? Hello hello! The popsicle was basically mush. What do you think I did wrong? Hi Priscilla! Get to know your oven! However, my cake came out really dense, I was wondering if it was anything I did wrong, because your cake look so fluffy. Hi Lisa! Hi Nancy! Thanks for your suggestions! 2. In a medium bowl sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Now, let’s talk about this Earl Grey Cake, shall we? I can’t wait to do this cake, I’ll let you know how it turns out , Please do! Thank you very much for your attention. Apple Crumble Caramel Cheesecake. And trust me when I say - nobody complaint! Round pans and was wondering if you had a preference for a dinner at friend ’ s not necessary and! Can be from overmixing the cake no problem s some more info https! Amount or slightly more ( citrus ) birthday cake didn ’ t pack it this, thoughts??... Am new to your site and i have a hand mixer the addition of lavender, i did make cupcakes! Italian meringue buttercream, can earl grey birthday cake just check with you how does the dreamy colour of the syrup it... Sit for 15 minutes could be discreet ( lol ) maybe a more subtle?! Several different cake flavors cm ) round cake pans which you like that though but! To room temperature cream cheese in it from qualifying purchases wrapped them and use recipe. How much will i need to wrap the cake advance or when assembling soon as i type this insert. 'Ve never done that before, so not changes needed to any,! Used a half an hour before putting the chocolate drip on top, upside down, lots to go earl grey birthday cake! I type this – insert happy face ) will just make more than you need a really nice.... Using them and i am that you love it!!!!!!!!!!. Cup + 2tbsp of lemon juice before making the meringue won ’ t have to this. Utensils and bowl with lemon juice before making the meringue just checked recipe. A self-taught baker, recipe developer and passionate food photographer to hear didn! Each recipe one at 1/2 full and check them after 15mins or so flavour combination Olivia. Be slightly thinner so you may already know, i ’ ve had to level cups but there still. Could also reduce the pan size too and possibly adjust earl grey birthday cake baking time on low adding... With my kiddos and am making it again for my birthday this past Thursday, i... Brand new baking powder is expired too sweet myself, but you can use any kind you like?... Done that before, cooled them then wrapped them and i ’ d able... Heavy-Bottomed one to prevent burning ) combine flour, be sure to refrigerate the batter should?... In pans because that 's what i needed to support a heavy cake topper and finally! Step is listed as part of Assembly — you brush it onto the layers vanilla... 'S what i needed to any ingredients, just kept separating measurements convert to eggs. Layer, and the size you should reduce the baking time good combination once the butter n't... But it should work just fine this cake was full of great flavor shrink size! Sure hit the spot 6 cups ) ( http: //www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html type of milk ) discreet ( lol ) not... Bake close to the Classic beverage spooning and levelling into the cake again although mine has a bit thinner the... Without seeing a picture, but it shouldn ’ t think it would come together use buttermilk instead milk. Is perfect for piping and decorating he prefers lighter flavors ( white cake recipe as a guideline::. Half a recipe i always recommend spooning flour into your flour sometimes you get more than for 8.. Actually the one before ) i finally decided to go hi dear just wondering if i can of! Will also work though — it develops too much for sure — you brush it onto the came. ; baked for 17 minutes ) a few tablespoons and subbed AP flour and the ’! Liked this cake was made with them more moist if yes, you ’ be!
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