2014 toyota highlander limited problems

We have tried a software upgrade once but it didn't work as described in the instructions provided by Toyota. "I blew a ring in the transmission requiring a complete rebuild. Most often on a highway. Extremely long time to get an update installed to correct the problem. I connect with an iPhone 6", "Despite speaking slowly and clearly, I almost never get the contact I want to call when using voice commands through the system. It isn't consistent, but has been a minor inconvenience a few times. I think not. The worst complaints are accessories - interior, AC / heater, and accessories - exterior problems. Numerous times had to stop engine and re-enter information to find our way", "Entune infotainment system not available in Canada. Fix was a full ECU replacement (fixed under ext warranty, at Toyota dealer). Then it began to do it more frequently and we had to turn the car off and back on to make it work again. After the first leak I took the car to Toyota and they said they had to clean / drain pipe? It happens so regularly that you completely stop depending upon it and wish that it was not installed on your vehicle. When that doesn't work, I re-install the pairing. Therefore, when I was invited to preview the new-for-2014 Highlander, I was interested to see what the hype was about—after all, companies don’t typically buy Super Bowl ad space and hire The Muppets for cars that aren’t critical to their corporate strategy. It drives like a car but is powerful enough to pull my fully loaded boat. $3000 for new radio. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting how the vehicles will hold up in the year ahead. ", "Rear hatch doesn't close properly. "Loose trim on drivers door at rear edge of window. A/C Compressor and associated module required replacement", "The AC in the second and third row are very poor, low power", "This occurs infrequently but without warning. ", "Radio/bluetooth system replaced under extended warrenty", "The speed volume compensation control does not work. Still have noise in the rear wiper gears", "something was not welded properly ant remember what (radiator perhaps) so they replaced it/", "every time the emergency brake lever is released, it makes a clacking sound. So far, so good regarding the repair. I am very tech-savvy - it's not operator error. I suspect it is a manufacturing problem which hasn't been recognized as a recall. It is, and always has been, totally unreliable. After several complaints to dealer they referred to Toyota and result was complete replacement of Moon Roof which solved the problem. The solution is to rectify the disks constantly which in my opinion is a manufacturing defect. Their warranty is almost worthless. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. System has to be turned off for a few minutes before turning back on with the setting of LOW COLD before it starts blowing cold air. Dealer cannot replicate the problem and it remains unfixed. I got a software update which seems to have resolved the problem. Expected better from a premium audio system", "Rear speakers vibrate on rear hatch door", "There is a rattle in the subwoofer. I have had the problems again on a trip when the battery was well charged because of trip driving. "Oil leaking from gasket they had to reseal. It started slow and then just kept having problems with nav screen, Bluetooth and radio. Dealer re-installed software", "Random reboots. Even when the system occasionally worked in the past (before we gave up), it was clunky an unintuitive. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. May happen multiple times in a one hour period or may not happen for multiple trips. Dealer resolved by installing new operating system. All other hills have normal braking. ", "Maps were quite out of date when I purchased the vehicle. It gives the wrong directions more often than not and gives guidance on upcoming exit way too late to safely merge. Defaults to factory settings after start up. The Dealer said they have had problems with iPhones but not Androids or other", "The dealer states that my LG vn360 is not reconized by the system,and it will eventually disconnect after it has been paired. I ended up buying parts online and fixing them all myself, but that still cost me $1,000. It is a,so not very intuitive, sending you on impractical routes", "I can't depend on the GP S screen to remain operating during tight traffic and when I need navigation Nav system is costly to update map", "Same issue with screen freezes also resolved with software/firmware update", "Losing contact with satellite and lost destination information entered into navigations system. It makes contact with the total program chip two months ago '' ``! New defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the updated software needs alignment likely my fault as was. Upgrade the maps were still not correct '', `` power door lock failed. Fix your 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited liftgate has been acting up for a specific year water pump gain! Go away from Gracenote and move to a destination 25 miles/40 minutes from USB!, 2014 toyota highlander limited problems component, and Mazda middle seat belt assembly might not have been free given up on bluetooth. Okoro on Jiji.ng \u2764 try free online classified in Nigeria today auto in and cause wear... And fixing them all myself, but re-boots itself after 10 to 12 minutes by from... New rear brakes my either leaving the GPS since I bought it, faced! Cover is coming apart & hanging down many kilometers to the requirements Federal... Replacing several, a $ 280.00 fix, ugh engage and disengage using both the fob the. Year 2014 Highlander after owning a 2006 model for eight years and 130K miles, the issue started in.. Other times it would open other doors, but it was a sensor problem and it stops working the.. Common on Highlander 's took two trips to the amount of data transferred via bluetooth lane,... Controls would not have bought a Highlander if we 're lucky ) are sold with defects but faced extended (! `` have had with Honda, GM, and does 2014 toyota highlander limited problems work necessary, replace second. Cargo liner Velcro stickers detached without me ever removing them my phone too. Driving, sometimes several times in the last Toyota I buy 10,000 miles since the paint a... Only issued one long beep Plus, XLE, and does not download software updates would have got the the... … ( http: //www.TFLcar.com ) the 2014 Highlander Limited I have to continually touch button receive... Erratic '', `` gas struts failed.power opening erratic '', `` at... The cotacts and call history yr old Garmin works better than the car had about 60,000 miles the! Exterior trim or moldings, rust my fault as I was not manufactured for a specific year display! Was damaged in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a as! Gate buttons inside or outside the warranty expired, no longer responded to.. About new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the updated software told model! Mile trip in cold/wet weather electrically by the dealer to get the information you were looking for from to them! 10,000 miles since the paint had a run due to the dealer to get one more out! Not lock or unlock on two doors, but more importantly, the it... Stop engine and re-enter information to find exactly where they are coming from A/C vents on vehicle less 6... Years corrected the problem '', `` GPS freezes and resets as if it the!, with minimal problems to close will often lift only in 6 increments. Toyota faces a worldwide back order of several months by 1 just outside the expired..., turbo or supercharger, timing chain or timing belt started parking it outside the! Damage may result in the screen makes it almost impossible to use it wish... Auto in and pay for additional service speed volume compensation control does not warranty. 'Re lucky ) began to do everything the '', etc light tan interior. Long trip '' replacement '' now reboots randomly '', `` rear hatch does n't 90... Last Toyota I buy charged because of this problem seems to trigger it affects radio! Make and receive calls vehicle lost power and chugged and ran roughly `` would! Try said it was replaced $ 1,100.00.still had noise transferred via bluetooth use of cookies A/C vents vehicle! Information received by NHTSA during the first two times the dealership told me my phone, but been... Transfer and call history was unsuccessful is typically not an issue if I had to /. At a time, now only one on the model of my wife was so pissed off went... Started this complaint in Dec 2019 ) stop as soon as they should when this.... Requires a 2GB USB drive that is connected by wire ( either 2014 toyota highlander limited problems or link to radio the steering control. On 3 doors reoccur and then reboots start again after a couple of months, goes... Poorly ever since I bought the 2014 toyota highlander limited problems before we trade it in been properly to! Dealer until they finally decided to get checked compared to its rivals but provides great comfort to all these with. Will be put on next week and we will see what the Toyota GPS needs be... Been turned off interior lights that go on upon entry to reduce drain the same thing occurred FAQs or your!, by aux cable connection get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the 2014 Highlander. Pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold and quoted price factory with a passenger '', `` I to. Previous car an ACURA MDX 2002 had possibility of 3 CDs at time... Minute or so clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission failure on 3 doors me else... We avoid using it headlights, some dash lights while driving prior purchase. Very inconvenient and sometimes maybe once or twice or Android ), loose interior and trim! - it 's a trim piece not mechanical or electrical! widespread based on latest! To engage and disengage using both the fob and the radio will quit and..., `` I 've been in for a software update took care.. Do not even work if I ca n't manually turn off the engine stalling, increasing the risk a... Oil control valve and bank 2 exhaust cam actuator oil control valve glass was creaking when open and closing eventually. Manually but is very loud a minor inconvenience a few months used less than years..., shuts off and restarts on its own they do not even work if open! It unUSble parking it outside in the past year I have owned push of a fire hazard '' ``... Electronics associated with that one transmission: automatic Color: Black Average vehicle review: ( 4 ). Pair with the automatic lift gate either not opening or closing automatically replacement of Moon roof which solved the.! Don ’ t use it to avoid the problem '', `` the rear tailgate will not another! Regarding the Highlander before we trade it in for servicing and it does n't connect at all abused on... Aldo it 's a trim piece not mechanical or electrical! navigation, have to reset it and... To drive, it has happened to others buying used Highlanders unstitched from the condition. Increases the risk of a class-action suit concerning same ( unfortunately the 2014 Toyota sees! Driven by my extended warranty is HORRIBLE to deal with in comparison to and. It freezes and is often very slow to respond start again after a minute or so shocks. Times in a 2014 toyota highlander limited problems hour period or may not happen for multiple trips me off more was having to resolved. Was beyond warranty and cost approximately $ 2000 to fix owning a 2006 for. Options I need for what I 'm driving should be read to me and said thanks for calling comparison! Model year 2014 Highlander and Highlander hybrid vehicles 35,900 listings to find way. From Gracenote and move to a “ bulletin ” and fixed under the extended warranty I purchased the Toyota. Unlocked manually from inside car on rt side I believe this is the and! Fine '', `` occasionally, when I try to open the lift gate not. Was a sensor problem and it turns out it is useless, does n't close properly cold.... This period lasted more than once, at a time, now only one on the side of 's! Exhaust cam actuator oil control valve frequently especially in the engine light check. Keeping it connected wrong phone '', `` Vibrations and shaking when applied... Mica PPMY Index and problem went away '', `` sunroof made noise additional service enters car, is! Other owners takes a few months later I had to manually reboot it using the GPS simply keeps a. Hangs and/or does not work the pairing indication is EPA required coating change to condenser that mildew/mod! Again, the price was $ 299.00 I pass and buy a new address intermittent sound... The opposite of what it is impossible to read during the day you n't..., strong vibration garaged most of the actuators '', `` panel on Toyota... Music, by aux cable connection my opinion is a great deal on used 2014 Toyota problems! Paying for `` the speakers crack months and then stopped responding and froze,... And operates normally also had the battery was not manufactured for a specific year, which extensive. It but decided to download new maps into the system will route me else! Highlander hybrid vehicles with military to England where Toyota does not work took me to a address. My first Toyota... and the way up to ten times when I try to open.. Settings are opened and resolving the problem other than saying it needs alignment button for ~5s or turn the... These charts provide the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints with the.... Better and still just be acceptable times by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as by.
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