The knife is a curved blade design that is only sharpened on the ‘inside’ of the curve. What other knives of the period (1970’s-early 80’s) would have been carried by troopers? Originally intended to be sewn to a pilot’s gear to cut shroud lines etc. Click & Collect. Please email me at if you would like to make a credit card purchase over the phone. From the mid-17th century to the beginning of the 19th century, there were just under a hundred Sheffield cutlers named Ibberson (or Ibbotson). $85.00 + $25.00 shipping . RAF Crash Rescue Hatchet-1960's. Survival Knives, Pocket Knives and pouches Excellent Choice in Pocket Knives Including Swiss made VictorinoxWenger Opinel Outdoor and Trekking Knifes. Fantastic, informative article. While the Middle East has been on fire for a century, this was bringing the craziness right to London proper. The guard is a yellow color and I assume is brass. The knife release/lock is nice and tight; the handle is solid; all parts are tight. or Best Offer. The lanyard on the sheath was used for when affixed to kit incase of dropping/loss of the blade. It was a watershed moment for the SAS and brought this long and storied group into the modern limelight. (Ministry of Defence) specification Aircrew release knife with metal sheath and cloth retaining patch. Beschreibung. I have never wore or owned that one in the picture. £14.00. It is marked JOSEPH RODGERS SHEFFIELD ENGLAND and STAINLESS. Sicherheitstipps. Stainless Steel. Approximately 23cm in length. The knife is a curved blade design that is only sharpened on the ‘inside’ of the curve. Official Aircrew Emergency Knife survival equipment; rare unused. In order to deploy the knife, you grasp the handle pressing in the two ‘wings’. This sheath is for the the standard aircrew issue aircrew survival kife that was in use until replaced by the unpopular 'J' cutter tool. Popular . It was one of those ‘cool guy’ things I had to track down for the collection as an ‘adult’ (whatever that is)! The synthetic materials used in the armor carries back in the day were not flame retardant and could easily melt to the wearers skin if exposed to flame. Sheffield Steel RAF Aircrew Release Knife British Made M.O.D. We also stock a good selection of Multi Purpose Knives including Axes and Camping Knives , Genuine Army Knives also available and good selection of Bushcraft Knives too. The last half inch or so is left blunt. … Hi, I've recently picked up some current issue items for my RAF aircrew collection, one is a hard to find Victorinox 'Hunter' issued for use in RAF ejection seat 'PSP' kits (Personal Survival Pack) and helicopter vest survival packs. I do not collect post war items, so decided to sell. This exact type is illustrated on pages 98-100 of the excellent reference book BRITISH AND COMMONWEALTH MILITARY KNIVES by Ron Flook (see the book’s pages scans attached). details Add to Cart. MEDICAL MODULE SURVIVAL KIT NSN 6545-01-534-0925 MILITARY EMERGENCY FIELD - New. £2.65 postage. Click & Collect . Being a ‘knife dork’ even as a kid, the one detail that always stood out was the green ‘patch’ with a small knife handle protruding from it. Additional information. Military Knives from Sheffield Knives England. $33.99. The green surround is nothing like we had. Upon watching the flick, I remembered back to flipping through old Osprey and Janes Defence books and seeing those SAS guys looking so bitchin in their ‘black kit’. There was a NATO issue fishing kit too that could be used combined with this knife. Ending 5 Jan at 2:46PM GMT 4d 12h. 0 bids. Sit down for the next part cause it’s a shocker: the gunmen were an Iranian Arab group that were pissed about things and figured the best way to go about it was to take some civilians hostage and threaten to kill em and stuff. Please Answer The Statement Below. The knife can be securely worn in any position. The knife as issued with ample backing to be sewn to flight gear. Hard to tell in pictures, but I would guess the SAS guys did not use this feature. $45.00 + $15.00 shipping . I am asking is this a fair price to ask, too. However, If you look through pictures of the SAS through the 1980’s you will see the distinctive green pouch sewn onto their assault vests. Please note that due to the global pandemic most shipping carriers are experiencing delays. ref.ML136. £3.60 postage. Klingen Aufschrift: George Ibberson & Co. Sheffield England. Diese Notfall Messer wurden von den Piloten und der Crew der englischen Luftwaffe RAF als Überlebens Ausrüstung verwendet um z.B. The main pocket holds the metal scabbard for the knife while the small pocket on the left is for the lanyard. ref.D30. Ibberson is a famous and popular name in the Sheffield cutlery industry. Black plastic handle scales and nickel guard. Post War German Hitler Youth Knife. When I got home the other day, I gave it a biot of a clean, to find no marks at all!! 38 watching. In this close up you can see the retention stud and how it interfaces with the hole in the handle to keep the knife securely in the scabbard. The knife was worn in a metal … Name. Article about: Hi guys, I was given this knife from a neighbour. Therefore, aside from carrying their kit, the assault vests were meant to protect the body armor from flames. If you look at the exposed part of the metal scabbard toward the top of the retaining stud, you will see that it has a slight bend to the back that acts as a spring. 06-29-2015, 10:54 PM #1. visor? Enquiry. $67.49. Look forward to more of these gems of background. Ontario Aircrew Survival and Egress Knife. You can pretty much do it in one motion. Swedish M94 bayonet $ 125.00. R.A.F Issue Survival Backpack TypeA MK 2 Made By G.Q Parachutes Ltd. £80.00. Click & Collect. Stainless Steel. ASEK knives were developed for government and airline companies to assist with emergency situations. The RAF Emergency Release Knife No, this is not a piece of bling worn by Glasgow Neds at raves, it is an emergency release knife worn by aircrew of the RAF, RN, and army. The knife is attached to the scabbard via a lanyard. These flat profile gravity knives have a composite handle, stainless steel blade and are worn in a scabbard patch, stitched upside-down on the flying coverall leg. £2.95 postage. Traded with the raf during desert storm I have one in my collection very cool you shared this knife on your site. A sping lock mechanism on the knife handle locks onto a stud on the sheath and so retains the knife. £5.95 postage. It has been specially designed to cater for those minor life-threatening occasions like crashes and bale-outs. WWII British No 4 Mk II bayonet with scabbard $ 25.00. Original circa late 1990th – early 2000th British Royal Air Force Aircrew Emergency Knife in scarce unused condition – this type is attached directly to the pilot’s flight suit in the upside-down position for a quick access in case of emergency. £25.00 . BRITISH RAF "ACME CITY" DINGHY SURVIVAL WHISTLE #2. Always wondered about the functions and features of this knife. One of the many uses of the nylon cord layard can be used like a hobo fishing line along with the hooks to wire in the Aircrew Survival Kit. It also became the spark that ignited the fire of modern special counter terrorism training by the world’s elite forces. Free postage. BRITISH ARMY RAF AIRCREW SURVIVAL KIT INDIVIDUAL MK4 IV BCB BRAND NEW SAS SBS PA. £199.00. $49.50. It totally encompases the blade so there is no chance of pressure or bending causing the knife to poke out of the sheath. Home Survival Accessories Pocket and Survival Knives. This British RAF pilot survival knife is in excellent overall condition; you will not be disappointed! details Add to Cart. or Best Offer. Approximately 21cm in length. Official Aircrew Emergency Knife survival equipment; rare unused condition. Drawing the knife is very intuitive and fast: just squeeze and pull. Vintage Fancy Indian Kukri Knife. $45.00 + shipping. Standard aircrew issue until replaced by the unpopular 'J' cutter tool. This mechanism locks onto a stud on the sheath and so retains the knife. Royal Air Force RAF Vintage MK10 Aircrew Immersion Survival Suit. OD-green fabric and metal scabbard is also minty unused. Diese Notfall Messer wurden von den Piloten und der Crew der englischen Luftwaffe RAF als Überlebens Ausrüstung verwendet um z.B. The movie ‘6 Days’ chronicles the events of April 1980 when armed gunmen stormed the Iranian embassy in London and took hostages. The knife comes complete with leather sheath with single retaining strap and sprung stud fastener. $75.00 + $25.00 shipping . Original circa late 1990th – early 2000th British Royal Air Force Aircrew Emergency Knife  in scarce unused condition – this type is attached directly to the pilot’s flight suit in the upside-down position for a quick access in case of emergency. £75.00. Old-fashioned checks and money orders will work just as well; please take a look at the Payments section within our Terms and Conditions for mailing instructions and additional details. New USAF Military Air Ace Ultimate Survival Aircrew Vest Coyote Brown Large. Dismiss, WW2 era British Royal Air Force aircraft dinghy knife, RAF-designated survival equipment; rare UNUSED, WW2 era ULSTER KNIFE Co. American Mountain/Ski Troops knife, rare early Type I with green bone handle scales. Thank you for sharing all of this incredible and detailed information. Not a super-rare military knife but pretty scarce in original unused condition. No 4 MK II Bayonet $ 35.00. Argocoins accepts all major credit cards and payments via PayPal as forms of payment. WW2 RAF Life Line Toggle Rope Jacket Vest Survival Equipment Dinghy Spitfire . Raf aircrew survival knife; Become our sponsor and display your banner here. … Speaking of vests: The SAS assault vests of the day were made out of suede leather and were unarmored. am now stumped, as to me RAF/USAF knives have a few differences to this one. Sheffield Knives J. Adams Ltd, 124 Scotland Street, Sheffield, S3 7DE, United Kingdom. USAF/USN LIFE RAFT SURVIVAL KNIFE W/SHEATH. International shipping for this item will be $39 and up to most countries on our “ship-to” list. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM, British RAF pilot survival knife, original scabbard; made by Joseph Rodgers in Sheffield, England. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Aircrew Survival Egress Knife or ASEK is a U.S. Army aircrew survival knife, designed and initially manufactured by the … (Special Air Service) using this knife on the 'black kit'. I have one at home. Klingen Aufschrift: George Ibberson & Co. Sheffield England. Now I have another knife to add to the list. Back then 1980. The knife looks pretty awkward but it is actually very useful and practical for the what it was designed for.

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